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I had one awhile back from the "Visa and Mastercard Verification Department". - yeah, if Visa and Mastercard would ever work together on anything seeing as they're direct competitors, but that didn't dissuade my (South Asian) accented caller from trying to pry information out of me anyway. I also causually mentioned that Visa and Mastercard do NOT jointly operate a card number "verification service" but he assured me that his call was legit. He even tried to convince me that he was calling from a call centre in Illinois as there was what sounded like typical call centre noise in the background (prob. just a looping tape). Sure buddy...keep shovelling...

He seemed to have a fair bit of information already (partial credit card number even) as well as "unconfirmed address", etc. - DANGER Wil Robinson...DANGER! I felt that at this point I would really like to speak with his "manager" so I asked him for his name, employee number and his manager's name and direct line. That got me a prompt disconnect.

I traced his call to a DDO (direct dial-out only) line in Markham = dead end for me at this point as I don't work for Bell so I can't probe any deeper. Called Visa fraud/theft dept. and reported this phishing scam, suggesting they also notify their counterparts over at MC and also suggested they touch base with Bell Canada to see if they would be interested in investigating from their end.

Haven't heard a peep since...


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