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Originally Posted by Janus View Post
To be honest, I've got a pair of TF Mac11's. They're CO2 powered full auto GBBs. The blowback effect actually makes a huge impact on how accurate these are.
I'll second that. I have a TF11 and that little fucker jumps around like mad on full auto. The lightweight gun combined with a very, very strong blowback does indeed affect accuracy. This is one gun that really has to be used in short, controlled bursts to maintain any accuracy.

Other examples of my GBBs:

MP7 - recoil is minimal due to the heavy weight of the gun. Recoil effect on accuracy is negligible within the gun's effect range of about 100 feet on full auto.

WA MP5 - normally a very lightweight gun, but I have a full metal Nitro rail kit that weighs it down significantly, minimizing the effect of recoil on accuracy.

Inokatsu M4 Super: Has the heavyweight steel RA-Tech bolt and kicks like a mofo. At less than 50 feet, the effect of the recoil (in auto) is negligible for a man-size target. Beyond that, you have to use semi or controlled 3 round burts to maintain the same accuracy.

WE PDW (open bolt). While the both is fairly heavy and has a nice kick (although nowhere near that of the Inokatsu), the gun is rather front-heavy, so the recoil also has minimal impact on accuracy within the guns effective range.
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