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Pretty recent development compared to some of the things you guys are talking about but does anyone remember the "Pencil Trick" on the old Duron/T-bird? What about cracking open electronics just to change the quartz crystal to run at a higher frequency.

I got nothing compared to some of the guys in this thread but I'm one of those people who actually knew how to use dos by the time I was in Kindergarten. Nowadays it's all point and click in the GUI and people are afraid unaware of the Command line.

I remember paying 800$ to get my hands on the first "affordable" Epson inkjet printer...or 400$ (well worth every penny) for a Voodoo Monster 3D card...which still needed the std graphic adapter for 2D...or when a mouse did not have a scroll button, was not PS/2 or USB, nor was optical ( I still keep a jar full of old mice balls at the office (pun intended))...the satisfying "CLUNK" of the big red power flip switch of the first IBM desktops...I remember a time when computers came in only one color...of a time when you needed proprietary brackets to install a CD in a Compaq machine...

Of a time when you really needed skill to built a machine, when every channel, IRQ, adress, was configured using jumpers on the adapters...when you needed to manually configure to BIOS for hard drive recognition, with # of heads, cylinders, etc.

When you wanted to augment the memory capacity of your Radio Shack Color Computer, you actually SOLDERED the added mem chips on the go from 4K to 16K...I remember paying 5$ apeice for blank CD media...

I remember Office 6, which came on 30-something floppy disks...Star Trek 25th ann. game was on 25, and took over 2.5 hours to install...pop a disk in...wait...wait...pop it out, next...

I remember a time when ATI was a small canadian startup company in the graphics world, when NVidia did not even exist, when Matrox tried (briefly) their hands in the gaming world, when having a 1Mo VLB Trident card was the nec plus ultra...when you could and would spend hours tweaking your config.sys and autoexec.bat files to free as much base ram as possible...

That, any many more, that, is being "old", Styrak
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