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In a similar vein, my friend warned me about another phone scam going around. She got a call from the "Canada Do Not Call List" to 'renew' her subscription. Now she's a smart cookie, and this is a Free service, and the guy had such a thick accent she could hardly understand him. Anyway, BIG red flags. So she decides to see how far she can take this. He tells her that she will be called right back with a registration number, and then he will call her back. When he did, he got really upset that she wouldn't give it to him
ANYway, the scam is this -- In order to get a Craigslist or Kijiji listing, you need to have a legitimate phone number. So these scammers are registering using people's numbers, then selling forged and broken merchandise, and the legit owner of the number gets the hassle!
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