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Beware of BELL Impersonators

Putting this in General because some cant see the Off Topic...

We had a call last night by some fast speaking, heavily accented woman claiming to be BELL Canada, offering us high speed finally in our area where we havn't been able to get it (rural country). Offering us a great deal on the start up services because of the trouble of not being able to get the service in the past... Well this sounded good, but when they ask for a Credit Card number to put on the account, an account my family has had for 25 years which should already have billing information, thats a big red flag waiving high...

I called Bell today and confirmed there was no call from Bell yesterday, nor is high speed recently been installed in my area.

Its now been reported and the real Bell Canada is going to be doing an investigation.

This is just a formal warning and heads up, if you receive a telemarking call from anyone claiming to be Bell Canada, please write down the time the call came in, get a name of the person calling, and any other information, then call Bell at 310-BELL and report it.

Thank you.
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