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DBOYS on par with marui??


the amended list i would agree on, but the biggest comment on marui is 'it works'

PLUS the VAST MAJORITY of after-market parts will fit

i know that DBOYS can bite my ass on this part... putting a brand new systema gearbox and hop unit in and all i got was massive air-losses and miss-feeds.. until i swapped to a CA metal body (not perfect but at least it works!)

for my ONE gun.. i'd get a classic army. not the Sportsline! (get the Proline)

metal body (check)
decent internals and will last for a while after a re-shim and grease (check)
ability to fit almost as many after-market components as a TM (check)

CA tends to stay close to TM on many lines (Armalite range for example)
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