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I agree people expect turn key solutions, and it seems the community seems to be happy, or should I say apathetic, to the change in direction from personal responsibility within airsoft to that of quick, simple gratification. We are not putting the ownus on the airsoft user to know what it shoots and what the rules of the field are.

The turn of the community mindset from that of seeking your own answers and being a responsible individual to pushing that responsibility on to the retailer because the user is just going to be too lazy and irresponsible to learn field limits and deal with it on their own is what is going to cause us grief.

THAT is the laissez-aller approach, if the community allows this lazy attitude toward the player off the field we should not be surprised when we find these players on the field ignoring rules, " I didn't know ", " you didn't say ".....

I see minors in airsoft not much different then young hunters. Minors with real firearms hunting are not allowed off on their own. They are guided on the rights and wrongs before they get in the field, there are expectations that are known before they even hold the firearm.

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Lol I might as well just disregard all rules on this site from now on, imagine an ASC mod arguing for the proliferation of airsoft to minors, lock up your noobs the noob tank is about to get alot warmer hehheheh
It's not about arguing FOR the proliferation of airsoft to minors...that's already done. It's about the mentality that surrounds our policy and minor players. New members/players NEED to be held more accountable for learning airsoftese, what they buy and how they use it on the field.
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