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20 and 30 Thousand.....damn......I bow to you for that...LOL. WOW.

I guess my thing is as a player if you buy a gun that is too hot to play with then it's YOUR responsibility to down grade it ( either yourself or a gun doctor....). There is no passing on of that responsibility.

As it turns out my clubs field seems to have the highest documented allowed fps for play in Canada at 435, many other fields have 400 and some 350....what does that have to do with what ANY retailer selling guns? Nothing. By that logic fast cars or bikes that can go over the speed limit should not be sold as their top speed is prohibited on roads.... I might add that we DO chrono, and if a player swaps springs or does some other action like this then they get booted. It's MY responsibility as a host to ensure our rules are followed, as it's the players responsibility to follow the rules. I don't think it's the retailers responsibility to ensure their product follows my clubs rules. It's my responsibility to provide the rules to players and for them to know them. The retailer has no part in airsoft beyond providing the product.

Marketing to minors....not really an issue. The AV system is flawed. Members seem to think that because ASC has the AV system then every player/retailer in Canada should abide by this system.

I'd like to make it clear that the AV system was placed into ASC policy for the SOLE purpose of stopping the sale of guns to minors on ASC. Period. At it's conception it made sense, but times and circumstances have changed and this policy will also.

Pointing fingers at ANY retailer for selling to minors outside of the ASC forums is pointless.

Minors play, here in Alberta there are forums and teams/clubs of minors that play. They have purchased their airsoft from buyairsoft AND other retailers....that also retail here on ASC. Is this a horrible thing? No. It's not illegal, it's not "wrong". It's business.

The AV system to MANY MANY members has achieved this holy status, it would be in the airsoft bible. It's a FORUM POLICY.

Retailers who chose to use it in their daily business...good for them. But there is no and has never been any requirement for this when doing off ASC sales.

Due to Walmart, CT, Cabella's, Wholesale sports, bass pro and every other sports store, hobby store, hardware store that sells "softair" AND airsoft minors have airsoft. It's done. The minors that buy from the retailers that we buy from are a drop in the bucket. Time to work on the situation as it is today and not as it was years back.

As for buyairsoft, they have to live with their rep until new customers provide reviews and feedback. I have no affiliation with CAS or buyairsoft other then they are local. I get to hear more about them due to this. The huff and puff members are doing about them is over old business. The ownership of CAS as far as I know does not manage Buyairsoft. I do know CAS is a PURELY business endeavor. Expect decisions with CAS to follow that.
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