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First and foremost, I'm not looking for a fight. It would be easy to try to link your recent CAS apology to ownership or partnership issues. I don't care. Even if you owned CAS now, I'd rather give a frank opinion in hope of seeing change.

No bad feelings in any case.

Originally Posted by Cortexburn View Post
Dude.....short term profitability......buyairsoft is affiliated with know...that wholesaler that has been bringing in a shit load of items that people have been purchasing to keep this hobby going in Canada.....
Ok, they have facilitated it. Fine.

This being said, other sources have always existed and more do now.

The BOYS bullshit they pulled (M4 with a blue or red handguard) was pathetic, the current G&G lineup @ 400+ fps is irresponsible. Like I said, we all know how these are coming in. Sure, velocity is a component of this, but you cannot tell me that selling these to the open public is a good idea.

Originally Posted by Cortexburn View Post
Why should the retailer spend time swapping springs? If a player has the gun and it's too hot for his/her field then it's the players responsibility to downgrade...and the hosts responsibility to ensure players are within the fps limits.
Like I said, you needed to know how to modify mechboxes to bring them to unsafe velocities. Now you need to need to know to bring them down to safe speed.

As for responsibility, even if they declare that it's the responsibility of the player to learn about field regulations, you need to consider that airsoft is not always played in ASC type events. Backyards games and unauthorised playing in woods happen. Period.

Faster guns mean more risk of injury, to the participants and to bystanders. People should not play where they are not authorized to, but they will.

Also, high fps guns risk defeating cheap safety glasses, you know, they only kind carried by CAS.

Originally Posted by Cortexburn View Post
The retailer sells the product to people who DON'T PLAY as well....a plinker or collector often don't care about what fps it shoots ( plinkers often want it to shoot harder.....).
Sure, and as a collecting chairsofter myself, the trades on these products make me avoid them.

Originally Posted by Cortexburn View Post
It's about time people point fingers at the players and hosts then at retailers. Players need to take personal responsibility of their actions while airsofting and hosts need to take personal responsibility and enforce the field/game rules.
Sure, but the many issues of 400+ fps guns arise because they are available.

Personal responsibility is great and all, but it would be dishonest to think new players are omniscient. Expecting people to be able to play in mechboxes right off the bat is naive, wishful thinking at best.

Originally Posted by Cortexburn View Post
Guns shoot harder these days, gas guns shoot harder as propane is the norm, AEG's keep up by shooting harder. It's the nature of the beast. You don't see many 300fps guns out there being used. It's the way it is and it's not the "fault" of retailers.
Strawman argument. There is a difference between a 350 fps gun and a 400+ fps gun.

Originally Posted by Cortexburn View Post
I don't see them marketing MAX guns to minors. Minors will buy them, but that is nothing new ( from ANY retailer ). I don't see them pulling the G&G market out from's buisness man. Your argument seems to stem from the sense of Kens efforts being "dishonored" or it being "unfair". Business and emotion don't mix. They are linked with CAS, they have the ability to get product others can't. It's an advantage, it's making them money and suppling the community with a product....
Refer to the BOYS thing from before.

As for emotion, I will admit that I have bought probably less than 200$ of accessories from Ken. Not an issue with Ken, bad timing I guess. I do understand why CAS took over Ken's G&G market share, they had an opportunity and ran with it. Fine, still, excluding him does speak to their character.

Originally Posted by Cortexburn View Post
Retailer loyalty is great, but to dislike another retailer because they can get in a similar product makes little sense.
This goes beyond retailer loyalty. I probably spent somewhere between 20 and 30 thousand dollars in guns in the last 6 years. I buy and sell often. I've bought stuff from pretty much every retailer as well as from individuals from the classifieds. I've bought from CAS as well.

I don't have an issue with CAS because of the Ken issue.
I don't have an issue with CAS because of questionable business strategy.
I don't have an issue with CAS because of slow and sluggish support.

I don't care. I could either ignore or bypass these issues.

I have an issue with CAS because of direct and explicit marketing to minors. (source and source)
I have an issue with CAS because they sell a product that is prohibited from entry into most organised fields. (four hundred and fucking sixty fps in some cases, above even BA limits)
I have an issue with CAS because their payment method is open to exploitation from minors.

Retailers outside of ASC's AV system (or local equivalent) ignore the most reliable minor and idiot filter in Canada. Full stop.
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