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Yep I hate walmart and CT just as much as them, but they sell other things that I need from time to time.

The retailers I support are the ones that actually make an attempt to be or actually are members of this community, people that understand this community's views on minors and airsoft.

Buyairsoft is notorious for selling to underaged people, how many noob threads asking for gun help have started off with "so I got the well l96 from buyairsoftand I wanted to upgrade it" or "which g&g guns is better (with mandatory links to"

can't remember the last time I read a post from some kidiot saying he got a gun from Submarineman or Styrak or Eeyore or anyone else that plies their trade here; can anyone else?

So yes give Jack his Jacket, and buyairsoft has earned the reputation they currently enjoy among this community.
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