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Originally Posted by surebet View Post

Anyone giving their business to these people are encouraging an entity that will only care about short term profitability at the cost of the safety of this hobby in Canada.

May they burn in hell.
Dude.....short term profitability......buyairsoft is affiliated with know...that wholesaler that has been bringing in a shit load of items that people have been purchasing to keep this hobby going in Canada.....

Why should the retailer spend time swapping springs? If a player has the gun and it's too hot for his/her field then it's the players responsibility to downgrade...and the hosts responsibility to ensure players are within the fps limits.

The retailer sells the product to people who DON'T PLAY as well....a plinker or collector often don't care about what fps it shoots ( plinkers often want it to shoot harder.....).

It's about time people point fingers at the players and hosts then at retailers. Players need to take personal responsibility of their actions while airsofting and hosts need to take personal responsibility and enforce the field/game rules.

Guns shoot harder these days, gas guns shoot harder as propane is the norm, AEG's keep up by shooting harder. It's the nature of the beast. You don't see many 300fps guns out there being used. It's the way it is and it's not the "fault" of retailers.

Originally Posted by Crunchmeister View Post
I'll partially agree with that. They're trying hard to fix their shitty, unresponsive service, shipping errors, poor communications and shoddy, overpriced products.

Now instead they've pulled the rug out of the G&G market from the others that did the work to get G&G into Canada originally (Ken / 007) and are marketing overpowered guns directly at underage kids and noobs.

Great way to make themselves accepted by the community. It takes more than just good service to be considered a reputable dealer.
I don't see them marketing MAX guns to minors. Minors will buy them, but that is nothing new ( from ANY retailer ). I don't see them pulling the G&G market out from's buisness man. Your argument seems to stem from the sense of Kens efforts being "dishonored" or it being "unfair". Business and emotion don't mix. They are linked with CAS, they have the ability to get product others can't. It's an advantage, it's making them money and suppling the community with a product....

Retailer loyalty is great, but to dislike another retailer because they can get in a similar product makes little sense.
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