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Originally Posted by ex View Post
It's an ancient Internet term for dial you have to ask you are way to young.
Ex, just face it... you are an old fart

Originally Posted by m102404 View Post
DSL is to Video is to the Radio Star....
Dear lord that had me in tears I was laughing so I have to go find that CD from the box collecting dust in my basement.

Originally Posted by FACE View Post
300 Baud TTY terminal and I was loging into BBS forums and downloading 15K stuff that took 30 minutes to download.

Then I got a 14.4K modem and I was cooking with the downloads, but that was when we used to use a slip connection and have to connect to the internet using Netscape Mosaic.
Netscape.... sigh. 16 colour video cards...with well under 1mb of on board video ram. I still remember getting told not to put any games on my step father's computer so I installed X-wing and Tie Fighter anyways and just hid the folders using the good ol' dos command. many many years later I told him hahaha

remember when USR came out with the X2 chip and it was going to make things so much faster!

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Remember "Turbo" buttons? father kept mistakening it for the "on" button and would come tell me that the computer was broken.

Originally Posted by Aegiis View Post
Bill Bixby for the win!

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