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Toronto photographer looking for guns.


I'm a toronto based photographer that's looking for some imitation guns/uniforms for a few photoshoots.

The first shoot will hopefully be this saturday and will basically be of a model posing with the guns. The shoot will be about two hours and will be located downtown Toronto. If need be I can go to and from anywhere the TTC travels to pick them up/drop them off. It is cool if you want to join the shoot but just don't be a huge creep. Also, expect me to ask you to help me out by moving lights around and stuff. If the shoot goes well I plan on making a series out of it.

I also have another shoot that I would like to do sometime in December. I will be re-creating a scene of police/army/swat/whatever breaching a room and taking down "suspects". So, I'd need a few dudes that have the full attire to be able to simulate an army/swat whatever squad. This will hopefully become a band shoot. The whole theme will be the band in a room while the squad enters the room and takes them down with aggression (throwing them to the walls/ground and such). This shoot will definitely be a lot of fun.

I was wondering if anyone from the Toronto area would be willing to help me out? I don't have much for compensation but we can discuss it if you think you can help me out... there will be beer at both shoots.

You can check out my work at

Feel free to respond to this or e-mail me at

Hope to hear from you guys!
- Dylan
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