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Originally Posted by THEnub View Post
Haha, most embarrassing thing that happened to me was at the latest game. There are three bad guys camped out at the end of the road, and I'm sitting just out of reach from their fire with friendlies behind me wasting their BB's.

So I decide to cut through the woods to the side of the path while they're distracted by my buds, and get to roughly 20-30 feet away from them, still hidden. I loaded a Midcap into my SCAR as I was moving into position.

The time comes, I pop out, pull the trigger, and the distinctive *nothing is coming out of the barrel* sound occurs. The three bad guys stood there for a second and we stared at each other in total disbelief...before they unloaded their mags on me...

Cause of my misfire? I hadn't pushed the mag up enough into the well. Well, I'm ALWAYS doing a magtap after I reload from now on.
why wouldn't you have a mag in your gun to begin with?
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