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I dont have one but sharing my friends embarrasing moment at a airsoft gameday.

Playing Mini Milsim. We were hiding in the bush and he was 10ft to my left then I heard him "enemy at my twelve approx. 80-100ft". I told him to take out the tango. A couple of burst then he starting to get pissed saying "motherfucker not calling his hit". I moved to his position to check who it was. I aimed my gun looked through my scope and I started laughing. Looked at him and said "it was a deer you idiot".

Different gameday. He was appointed in a different squad. After the game in the safe zone he was complaining about the "itch" in his neck and arms. Motherfucker got an the ugly rash. Then I looked at his boonie hat where he wrapped it with natural vegetation. Idiot didnt know he picked Poison Ivy.

He doesnt play anymore but everytime we go out and have beer and talk about airsoft. I always rub in his face what he did.
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