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I ordered from Peter earlier this year and both an ICS M4 and paid a deposit for a Hi-Capa to pick up the next day. He also threw in a Sling that he did not have in stock. I did get a receipt from him!!!

The tooth on the Piston on the M4 broke within the first day and would not replace it. Instead, he SOLD me an aluminum one the next day when i picked up my hi-capa.

My experienced friend took a close look at the Hi-capa and it did not look new. It looked like it had been completely disassembled before which may have been how he had imported. Until last week, I have never taken apart the grip and did to add some steel upgrades and noticed a screw was missing and confirmed that it was completely disassembled and even forgot a screw. It still worked without it but still.

Lastly, he told me that the free sling would come in a week and after going back like 5 times, i've finally received it after a month.

That's my story with big shark. I did get a receipt, service and replies were ok but ONLY hard to get a hold of if he owes you anything and always has your money.

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