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Originally Posted by mansopoor View Post
Sorry, but you just made my point.
You have the mags for $55.00 Ea. That's $110.00 plus shipping and taxes. Airsplat has it for $29.00 ea. That's $58.00. that's a difference of $52.00. It's not going to cost $52.00 to get from the USA to me. PM me if you can do better on the price. Every thing comes down to the all might buck, it's just part of life.
You know, I have to agree here - for the most part.

I tend to order all my mags out of country for price. Even with shipping and eventual duties on my package (hit or miss - sometimes get charged, sometimes not), most gas mags are just a shitload cheaper buying them in country. There may be some exceptions, but I think as a rule, gas mags are horribly overpriced when buying in Canada.

I've never really understood the collossal markup on GBB mags in Canada when anyone can order them from abroad at 1/2 to 2/3 of the price (that's including shipping and duties). I find it hard to justify paying $50 + shipping for a mag in Canada when I can get the same one for (after exchange) about $24 + shipping (often, shipping quotes are quite similar). I just have to wait a couple of days longer to receive it when ordering out of country. I would gladly pay a Canadian source a premium to have the convenience of having it faster and to support a Canadian entrepreneur. However, there's no way I'm paying double for the same item. I already spend a fortune on airsoft as it is. Any savings, especially when the percentages are so substantial, are welcome.

I have bought mags in Canada when I've needed one quick or when my trusted foreign suppliers were out of stock, but I really try to avoid it. Don't get me wrong, I try to buy Canadian. I want to support our retailers and keep our airsoft business alive in Canada as much as possible. But in the end, I have a finite amount of money. If I can get double my mags for the same money, the foreign retailer will be getting my money.
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