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Originally Posted by etd View Post
Um maybe I'm wrong here but aren't pistol slides restricted items anyways?

Oh and btw... Evike hasn't stepped up their game at all. I placed an order in June. The order just got here in October. They sent me the wrong parts too.. Charged me $30'usd for shipping when my package shows $8.36usd. Still no refund either. All the parts I ordered have been in stock this entire tome too. Basically it boils down to this: if you can't get the part(s) you're looking for anywhere else, by all means it's your money, you decide.
I was under the impression the only the lower frames were restricted, but slides and barrels were ok to ship to Canada.
As far as waiting 4 months for your parts, and then getting the wrong parts on top of that, you MUST be a very easy going person, cause I would have lost it. I mean, I work hard for my money, as do many, and when I pay for something, I tend to want it the day before I paid for it. My wife says I have no patience. But I don't believe her. lol.
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