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Originally Posted by mansopoor View Post
Sorry, but you just made my point.
You have the mags for $55.00 Ea. That's $110.00 plus shipping and taxes. Airsplat has it for $29.00 ea. That's $58.00. that's a difference of $52.00. It's not going to cost $52.00 to get from the USA to me. PM me if you can do better on the price. Every thing comes down to the all might buck, it's just part of life.
First I'd like to say, yes that money does matter but at the same time you're also paying a slight markup usually for customer service and all that. I'm not saying that all the time it's totally worth it but for the most part I'm willing to pay a 10-15% markup on things I buy if the customer service (if I ever need it) is superb, not just standard "good" customer service but superb customer service and Jeff is that kind of guy, I've dealt with him once before and I'm willing to do it again if I ever need anything from him.

Secondly, you bought used correct? If that's the case how used was it? And did the seller mention any problems? If you're getting it for that kind of price you should really be wary of things like this not being mentioned. However you could probably get it up and working again. If you can build a DIY propane adaptor like that (nice job with that BTW I suspected it would have been some crappy POS but it actually turned out to look really well constructed) then likely you have the knowledge to fix the GBB.
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