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Originally Posted by mansopoor View Post
Sorry, but you just made my point.
You have the mags for $55.00 Ea. That's $110.00 plus shipping and taxes. Airsplat has it for $29.00 ea. That's $58.00. that's a difference of $52.00. It's not going to cost $52.00 to get from the USA to me. PM me if you can do better on the price. Every thing comes down to the all might buck, it's just part of life.
Also keep in mind when ordering from the U.S., the price of shipping can be pretty substantial! When you add duty/brokerage fees (which can end up being up to 100% of the added cost of items and shipping together!
Although it may look at first like you're getting a better deal, you may end up paying more from a U.S. retailer when it's all said and done!
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