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Only get 5-6 shots from gas mag???

OK I just got the propane adapter, propane and oil for my KJW 1911 MEU.
Let me start off by saying this is my first gas gun. I went to fill the mag, and and the first time i got 7 shots off and then the mag was empty. The second time I got 3 off, the next time i got 10 and the back down to 3 for about 5 more fills and then back up to 17, I don't get it. Am I doing something wrong?

I tip the propane upside down, put the tip into the mag, and push down for a count of 10 and i get between 2-5 shots

If I push it on and off I get 4-8 shots

If I push the button at the top of the mag for a few seconds at the same time as I start to fill the mag and the let it go and continue to fill the mag i get 10-25 shots off

Is it me? Am I just doing something wrong?
Any help would be great. thank.
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