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How old are you guys to be discussing what is appropriate dress up for walking around the mall or in public in general?

Grow up.

As for costume parties with friends, dress appropriate to the sensibilities of your friends. For work, wear a shitty dollar store pirate hat or something tame. Then again, I don't really care if you get picked up for being a douche in public so wear whatever you want I suppose and ignore my stupid advice.


(Now dressing your kid up in cool gear because he/she wants to be an Army dude, now that's just dandy. But remember no toy/fake guns, because they will self animate and kill babies or at the very least implant homicidal thoughts into your kids.)

To the OP.

Again, Dress to the sensibilities of your friends, when in doubt just do it minimalistic-ally, some BDU's and a hat is more then enough to enjoy yourself at a party.

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