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Originally Posted by cranbushball View Post
iam a paintballer but iam planing on switching over to the airsoft game i love
the idea of spring rifles

what do you think about spring powered rifles

i was wondering what the deal was with the masks do you have to use them or can you just use shotting glass are fields different with the mask rules or is it all the same

what is a hop up (sorry i bet it sound retarded)

1) Spring rifles need a lot of money dumped into them in order to be good. Think of it like you're using a stock class (pump) gun while everyone else will be using full auto/electro guns.

2) Highly dependant on field but paintball venues stipulates ASTM approved goggles. Now whether or not they will allow the mask part vs no mask part is a different question (some do others don't). If you have a mask ideally it would be one of those "modular" ones with removable panels so you can customise it.

3) Hop up is a rubber nub that puts backspin on the BB so that it can get further range. It basically works because of the Magnus effect or something (put backspin on the BB because the BB passes the rubber nub and gets squeezed).
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