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not so much embarrassing and I felt bad after doing this

first GBBR I had, the WE/awss kac open bolt pdw long version, well apperently they shoot ALOT hotter than the what WE states as the fps.

hot day, either june or july can't remember, first game with the pdw, filled up the mag's with .25 Bastards and propane, then went off to socialize with the common people, leaving the mag's out in the baking hot sun on the hood of my tuxedo black truck, and it was a fuckin HOT day out there too, one guy went home early due to heat stroke and people were racing through water faster than ammo. those mag's were COOKING! no chrono that day but god know's how hot I was shooting!

I took the initiative and went on a poking mission into an area we knew the enemy was in but because it was very dense wood and very high underbrush we only had a general clue where they were, hoping that they had the same idea about us I grabbed a newb and we swung around the left. sure enough in a nam style tall grass clearing there were three of them, pop pop pop all down, the distinctive and loud report of my gun followed by three hit calls was glorious, only guy rocking a gbbr I felt awesomely badass.

I was too pre occupied with the tango's I got the jump on straight ahead I forgot I was in what essentially was the jungle and was standing fully upright. obvously, from the noise of my gun everyone else knew exactly where I was and not 4 or 5 feet another bugger who was hiding in the grass popped his head out and fired at me, pop! pop! gas gun, both round's missed. In the panick forgetting that this is airsoft and not real combat I returned fire immediatly and furiously to put the motherfucker down before he could dead me, instinct.

well I shot the poor guy eleven times, with .25 bastards, from 4 feet away (like I could read the logo's on his gun), with a gbbr who was cooking in the hotass sun all day. I got him all over but one round hit him in the cheek and cut it open another hit directly in the flat part of his forehead above and between his eye's. This is what I found out later

he called his hit and I took a hit from somewhere else (thanks newb for not covering my ass that was your only job...) and called mine and we walked out of the wood's in opposite directions. later in the day an admin called me out and said people were complaining about my gun and it's power, that I also fucked up another player's face and that the admin is going to have to take a look at it after the game.... thats when all the rules on MED and gbbr's getting insane fps when they get hot all rushed back into me head... oh fuck! I've been using this thing like a little brush gun shooting people at pretty damn close range thinking it was a cheapo mp5 (it's unavoidable, brush make's for 5 foot visibility max you essentially fought with your hearing)

so I stayed in the rear the rest of the sim and found that fuck! I've got a DMR in my hand's that shoot's about as far as a tanaka k98, I out ranged and took out the the enemy teeams sniper who was using a highly upgraded VSR, he shot at me, his round dropped at me feet, I took one shot at him, he jumped a little and called his hit! this thing was like a laser beam

towards the end of the game I ran into the guy I shot earlier, we were both splayed out prone in the tall grass again, someone else got him, he was the last bad guy in that immediate are so I stood upright. through the bushes he asked me if the admin had talked to me about my gun I said ya sorry about that, he said whatever just to remember next time, then he stepped out of the brush a little and I saw his face... FUCK! I mangled him! HUUUUUGGGEEE! ass bleeding welt on his forehead it legit looked like the flesh was about to rot off his face! his cheek was all cut open fuck! that shit ain't gonna go away for a loooong time! he was fucked up!

I felt very guilty, and emberrassed, for about the med and the visciousness of gbbr's on hot day's and I ended up uglifying someone for it.... very sad I think back though, eveyone I shot that day cried out in pain a little, the guy a mashed didn't even flinch and was as quiet as a mouse, he just calmly called his hit like normal... tough bugger

I then switched up tactics and turned to sniper mode, treated it exactly like a sniper rifle and had a great time, semi-auto sniping was great I ended up dominating the rest of the game, a one man firing squad! people started targeting me by the sound of my gun, but the only thing that took me out was running out of mag's and having to refill on propane.

last round I caught a guy out in the open thinking he was all ninja trying to flank my fireteam, stuck my head out of the grass just enough to get a bead on the guy, all I could see was his head. Offering some head protection he was wearing a metal WWII us army helmet, perfect! so I shot him right in the face. His head recoiled back like he was shot by a real bullet and he whimpered a little, choked on his tongue and called his hit, the little chubby italian oddly found it to be totally hilarious and was very proud of the welt left on his face and made many jokes and laughed. I apologised a bunch of times and acted all emberrassed like I didn't mean to and my hopup must be going loose blah blah blah but seeing his head whiplash back like that was just too awesome to feel anything bad about I tried so hard not to laugh when I took that shot it will be forever one of my favorite airsoft games I've ever played
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Don't take weapons training from a book. It ranks right up there with people who think they know guns from watching a Chris Costa video.

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