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Most embrassing thing you have done?

So guys what is the most embrassing thing you have done in airsoft? Two things come to mind for me was. My first ever day of playing airsoft, I started taking fire and couldn't make it over the bridge. I decided to try and jump a river yep i didn't make it and it was more mud than water. My second one was, We finally got our whole team to make a charge and cover more ground (roughly 40 players on each side) And i was known for my throwing arm. I was given 2 "flashbang grenades" and 1 smoke grenade, The final flash was the signal to attack, So i threw the first flash and the smoke, But when i went to throw the last one, It hit a tree very close to us, landed near 10 of us and went off ): the attack didn't go well.
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