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Hello, strangely enough this is my first post.
I've been reading ASC since '07 and quietly learning all I can.
When I saw this thread I figured I may have a suggestion.

I've not had dealings with this seller before. But as a small businessman and independent contractor I have had situations where my customers/employers have refused to pay or just have disappeared. I am in no way a close student of the law but you all who have been cheated by this person should get together and formally write a letter to your local O.P.P's Fraud detachment including all your records of communications and specifics and let them see if there's cause to investigate.

If anyone can find you the answers you may be looking for it would be them.
As I mentioned above I do not have any experience of the law and do not know offhand if this would work or be a good idea.

Also maybe contacting Mach1 would be a good idea they may have some words for him.

Thanks for reading and have yourselves a good day.
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