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Originally Posted by mac one airsoft View Post
hi there, i ordered my stuff of on September 24th and now it's October 28th i still did not revive any of the stuff that i have order and i for one wasted 789.00 and for another i think that this website is a scam because this laddie alain monique emaild me and said that it would take 20 business days to order she did not supply me with a tracing number, i asked several time's for it she just ignored my god dam fuckin emails and every time i get pissed of and send emails that regard my order she either ignores them or she send's me back smart remarks witch pisses me off, remarks like '' talk to me politely and then well talk'' in a few words shes trying to say that i'm not gonna receive my packages cuz it's a scam so take my advice and no one order of shoot they are a shit company, they have lousy works man ship, lousy service and terrible prices.

take my advice do not and i mean DO NOT ORDER ANYTHING OFF THIS WEBSITE IT'S A SCAM.

You're not the first one that got scammed by

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