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Originally Posted by Jimmychen84 View Post
Thanks for your recommendation. Last time he emailed me back was 2 weeks ago. Before that we just contact each other which looks fine. But things are getting weird these 2 weeks. I emailed him couple time about the day when I can go to pick up the gun, but I don't get any response. I also went to his partner's store in Pacific Mall. He partner said he will help me to find him. I just hope I can find him shortly. I am so shock about his way do business. How can someone treat his customer like this
He puts on a good little show and to be honest I don't trust any of his partners. I feel they're all in it together unless he's just screwing them too, as far as I know he doesn't have a shop. When I asked about my store credit he said all his stuff was in a warehouse. Keep us posted!
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