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Originally Posted by Jimmychen84 View Post
omg, the samething happened to me. I also ordered the airsoft from him in september. But hard to find him. Can anyone help me to find him
Originally Posted by Jimmychen84 View Post
I want either pick up the gun or get me $300 of deposit back
Sorry to hear about that. he very rarely picks up his phone, not long after I started catching onto him he said that he no longer picks up blocked calls (calls where the call id is unknown) which mine was which I found to be very strange and an obviously to know which calls to pick up and which to let ring. Once calling became a difficult thing to do I emailed at least once a week which he replied to pretty quickly. Having my blackberry is convenient in this case since I could reply right back when he sent me a reply since I knew I could catch him with his phone still in his hands. In my case he owed me 200 dollars worth of products, after countless emails he electronically sent me a 100 bucks, the other 100 is supposed to be an in store credit in his non-existent store. He refused to give me the money in cash probably because being seen in his old shops are could get him in trouble in various ways.

My recommendation, keep on him with emails, phone calls go no where, it was 7 months between me giving him the money for the products and me receiving half of it back.

As much as I insisted I knew what was up he denied everything, he sticks to his story convincingly but don't believe any of it.

Good luck man, thanks for supporting the thread, it's obvious he's gotten to a lot of people.
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