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Practice practice practice, a full metal AEG with an NIMH in a full stock is great for wrist strengthening exercises ergo basic and advanced rifle PT (no space in my in laws place, so it will have to do), I work on reflex, proactively helping around whenever I can, muscle memory, survival-mania weekends, I do runs in rough terrain whenever I can, chain sawing dead trees (Stihl man-through and through) and lumber for burns when I'm near Ottawa Valley, foot patrols for deer traps (hate 'em, pure wussies use 'em), basically, I'm more of an outdoorsman than anything else.
At home I work on my stealth skills by stalking my wife around the house, surprising my boy with 'ninja attacks', and my running skills are enhanced by running away after telling (HER) to make me a sandwich...
Dietary, well, I look at diet as being DIE with a "T" at the end of it, so I eat like I'm gonna make both PETA and buffet owners cry, but I do balance out proteins and carbs, I used to be 290, I went down to 180 by simply eating it away; Basically I eat twice the amount of proteins compared to carbs, yep, sounds weird but it worked. I still eat like a MickeyD's poster child though, simply based on the fact that the lady and I cook everything gourmet to BBQ to comfort food, food is delicious... Maybe one day I will show up to an ASC event and BBQ for everyone with the wife.
But make no mistake, I'm not in shape, I'm actually still overweight for 5'10
"This is my rifle. There are many like it, but this one is mine..." - Maj. Gen. W.H. Rupertus, USMC

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