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Wasaga Paintball

I am an original member of Wasaga Beach Paintball ever since they opened the old field under the watertower and then moved to the new one. (Over 21 years experience playing every weekend of every month, sometimes twice a weekend.....I shudder to think how much cash I dropped ).

The airsofters started showing up regularly at Wasaga around 98'. Wildcard, Poncho and the like. I had been in the Army for about 5 years at that point and when the chance to use my training for airsoft happened, I took it.

Then all the local guys that played Wasaga got into it (Larry, Dean, Taco, etc). Whenever the airsofters showed up we would drop the paintball and grab the airsoft. I still remember when Wayne asked me to join STAT but I liked being a Lone-Wolf operator . Wayne has always been able to help me out when I needed a repair or airsoft advice. I wanted to attend games not at Wasaga, to broaden my horizons. Someone told me about ASC and voila!

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