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Originally Posted by grim reaper View Post
Hello all im new to this site first and foremost i'll admit upfront i have terrible grammar my posts tend to be one giant run on sentence lol anyway im james/reaper if you prefer been "plinking" with quality airsoft guns for awhile now but never played an actual game i see you need to be "age verified" im wondering if theres anyone in the Beamsville area that could take my info i'd like to see whats up for grabs in the classifieds but im not willing to head out to toronto just to show my ID anyway looking forward to jumping into the scene
Sorry to say but you'll probably have to go to Niagra or Hamilton. Although I don't believe there are any reps in Hamilton I believe some in Markham might meet you half way. That's the best I can do for you.

Also you don't need to be AV'ed to play/sign up but it definitely does help since you'll have gear anyways. Hell a lot of people do their AV at the games anyways (cause it's easy since thats where all the reps congregate).

Good luck and have fun

EDIT: @ B-slice. Yew ne3d 2 g0 2 yew-ess-aye 2 get 500 ef pee ess gunz or use m3lded spr1ng tekneek.

Seriously though at 16 you might be able to attend games if the admin/safety marshall/field owner approves but don't count on it. 18+ is usually the rule because there's no headaches with parents and whatnot (since you're legally responsible for yourself and hopefully can take care of yourself by then). It doesn't hurt to ask and at least you get your foot in the door.
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