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I've always been a gun nut, turned my wife from anti to pro guns, but heres how it all started with airsoft: When I was a child I got a Leo Toy's Mauser 6 (I believe that was the model designation); all black, bolt action, pistol format, it had orange cartridges that you would load a plastic pellet into, you would then have to load a plastic mag with said cartridges, about 9 rounds (my memory fleets at this hour), pull the bolt back, chamber a round and fire at these little plastic 2 piece target, twas a shell ejecting springer but oh that was the hook line and sinker and surely beat the snot out of compendium board games. After that I've always wanted that set, couldn't find it anywhere so I bought a few springer rifles and just proceeded to work and buy my first home. Said rifles got stolen with some gear and two of my RC sailplanes, during a move 7 years ago to unionville, I got disheartened and gave up. Fast forward to about 6 months ago; a certain gent who shall be unnamed called me over to his home when I decided to spend some time getting to know my stepson and my mother in law in Scarborough. Said gent showed me what i was missing out on, sold me "Lucille" my gorgeous TM sr16 with full upgrades (yes, shes all black) for a steal of a deal, gave me free bdu's, a carry handle for the armalite, and a bag of bb's. I bought a black MBSS Vest from Huang at his store and never looked back. Now I use almost 18 years of rc experience to stay methodical and patient when working on my guns.
ASC? well I've been stalking this site long time and quietly seething in envy and admiration of your wonderful guns and gear. Some of the work you guys put up here are poster size worthy.
"This is my rifle. There are many like it, but this one is mine..." - Maj. Gen. W.H. Rupertus, USMC

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