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Originally Posted by PugsleyAdams View Post
I've heard (and don't know if it's true or not as I personally have never used them) that bio bb's tend to break apart inside guns and jam things up and that's why alot of people tend not to use them if they're bastards or other brands! Apparently very brittle due to materials used in manufacturing!
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Any bio/ECO product has a hard time matching the performance of styrene or silica. We're getting there though, the ECO product available today is lightyears better than the original formulas.
I cannot talk to them jamming guns (it has never happened to me) but they do not fly as straight and true as regular BB's due to the manufacturing process and material used. That is why I prefer the regular Bastard .30's. Except for the Glasstards (Silica) which have there own controversies hence the reason I switched to .30's

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