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Originally Posted by Brian McIlmoyle View Post

Bios are available up to .28 weight.. so only those that prefer .3 ( like I do) would be SOL

Snipers shoot so few rounds that they are insignificant.

I'm not interested in storing people's bbs , and don't have the room to anyway.
glad to see more interest in the bios. im not pushing bb's on to anyone im just putting information out there, but bio val bb's come in .30 i am just letting it be known i buy eco basters and bio val, personally i can't tell a difference. yes i do represent a business they sponsor the team i am on but that business sells both products basters and bio val , and i like them both. as i said just putting it out there. although i have talked to other people who like the eco basters better then bio val, comes down to what you like best.

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