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I have no issues with the policy of Field Supplied BB's as you have outlined. Here are some of my additional thoughts:

I exclusively use BB Bastard BB's for my gaming and I shoot enough BB's such that I am in constant need to refresh my inventory. I also play at enough non-TTAC3 / FTF venues so that any unused Field Supplied BB's could be put to use anyways. Therefore this policy would have no significant change in my case and would actually help in my BB purchases.

Like Maddog, I arrive at the field fully loaded and ready to go. Having said that I see enough players aren't necessarily in the same state of preparation so generally I have to wait for them anyways. To prevent this situation from imposing a huge delay to the start of a game I would arrive a bit earlier to schedule in the BB loading I would have to do at the field or TTAC3. If we all followed that approach we would be ok.

In my opinion Brian puts on some of the best airsoft events in our city and I am lucky enough to be able to participate in them. Therefore I am very supportive of any policies that will continue to encourage and help Brian continue to do his hosting.

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