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My issue with this type of field only BB sales is that you cannot load and be ready the day before and hit the field running. I arrive geared up, loaded up and ready to go in less than 2 minutes when I hit the ground.

I would hate to wait around as everyone unloaded their mags and reloaded with that fields BB's (Especially if you play more than twice a weekend, I don't unload to go to different areas the same weekend).

Getting airsofters to start on time is hard enough without adding more steps.

As long as the type of BB is specified in the game thread, I will have that ammunition at home and loaded or not attend the game if I don't have it available to use.

In the case of BIO BB usage being mandatory, if they are available for sale at the game that is great since most shooters would not have that on hand unless they play regularly at a field that requires them.

If increasing revenue is the goal, why not just raise the price to play. I attend games all over the province that range in price from free to 35 dollars a day plus. Those who are not willing to pay extra will stick with the local fields where they can play for 10 bucks or less anyways.

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