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I'd be lying if I said I did not see a business case for this..

I do make a little bit of money from bb sales but the margins are very slim,

Certainly I can't afford to include a $5 bag of bbs in the field fee, this would cut nearly 20% of revenue.

Bios are available up to .28 weight.. so only those that prefer .3 ( like I do) would be SOL

Snipers shoot so few rounds that they are insignificant.

I'm not interested in storing people's bbs , and don't have the room to anyway.

If you walk out with half a bag at the end of the night .. big deal.. we are talking $5 here

At the field for outdoor games the only approved BB would be BB Bastard Bios, I would not require you to buy them from me .. but I would have a ready supply at the field

I sell all BB bastard products with zero markup ( same price as retail from the BB bastard site) and I see no reason to stop that practice
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