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That's a good idea ^ putting ppl's names on the bb's

I have never liked the idea of field supplied bb's as it is akin to paintball, but at a place where bb weights are required to be .20 I can't see any other way.

The bio bb thing also bothers me as I ran mesh mostly where I can, but since I've switched to shooting glasses for private field games this has become less of an issue.

I would be down to buy smaller bags of .20's and just leave it at TTAC3 for when I come for Friday night firefights.

The price thing is crucial to transparency so that people do not see it as a cash grab a la paintball, so if Bastards will be sold at normal prices, then this might work.

Also, for FTF games, outdoor due to the fact that bio's only go up to a certain weight you might have a problem with the sniper crowd and everone else that prefers heavier bb's

Just my view.
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