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Snipers in an indoor field are a bad idea, especially with hot guns, they'd need to play at field limits (say 330 FPS which is a pretty standard indoor limit) and don't really have too much advantage over an AEG. In fact AEG's are more "accurate" in being able to volley a lot of BB's down range in a short time than a sniper rifle. There is a difference in precision and accuracy. Sniper rifles are precise but AEG's are accurate.

I'd suggest retaining an in house gundoc but finding people who can do it might be a problem especially up north. I believe there are some players in NWT and YK but they're very sparse and you'll be hard pressed to find professional and knowledgeable gundocs. Hell, good ones (that have time for you) are fairly hard to come by in the more populous parts of Canada so they're few ad far between.

The FAQ section should have most of your questions answered but as for rental stuff I'd suggest getting something robust if anything. People will fuck up your stuff even if it's a steel tube and you're blowing the BB out, at the end of the day the "barrel" will be bent back on itself 180 degrees and people will be blowing BB's back at themselves. Maybe getting some cheap CYMA's and JG's (Jing Gong), but they'll probably need repair more often as they're clones (but surprisingly have improved to a point where they're pretty decent but still not top of the line stuff). Also China clamp down is still hurting supply apparently but products are slowly coming out and being restocked at some international retailers (Canada getting the short end of the stick since we have the import regulations that prevent easy importation).
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