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Cursory to this, assuming the field has no legal or monetary roadblocks, a few questions:

-What would be a good brand to look at for rental-grade equipment? I'm more interested in guns that are cheap, require little to no upgrading out of the box and are duable. Especially durable. High performers are not necessarily required-I know, fast, good, cheap, pick 2. I'd like to get probably 20 assault rifles (Probably 10 M4s and 10 AKs or somesuch), 5 pistols, 2 SAWs and 2 sniper rifles (Arena size allowing, they may be changed for shotguns depending on if I can work in suitable MEDs for them. As in, the guys with snipers could only stay in a certain area)
-Are there any companies dealing in repair certifications, or am I pretty much left to tearing them up and down until I can fix them?
-Where do I go about becoming a registered dealer? I understand if you don't want this posted on an open forum, so PMs are fine (Or e-mail-don.hornby(at) I also understand if you don't want to hand this out to someone that isn't age verified. (Corollary to this-there's no Age Verifiers inside a thousand KMs for me. Is there any way I can work around this?)

To be honest, I'm a total gear nub for airsoft-any advice will be MUCH appreciated. If there's a good bit dealing with a quick run-down of the major brands, significant terms, recommended upgrades and maintenance details, I'd love to get my hands on it.
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