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Matt. It's simple biology. Hell you should learn all you need to know in High School biology, now to apply it you have to be creative but the knowledge base does come from high school biology.

Regular people just learn that stuff and at the end of the year forget about it. An engineer on the other hand would say "this is cool, now how do I apply that knowledge to improve the world" (or just my world) and then you come up with a system which applies that knowledge and optimizes the thing that you want to improve. Which might explain why "engineers do it with more power and at a higher frequency".

Anyways, water (lots of hydration), fruit sugars, green leafy veggies (except broccoli and other veggies from the "Kale" family), and something I've found to be pretty random which is Cinnamon.

Also apparently dairy is bad because it's slightly basic and affects the Ph balance, basically try to keep it neutral (ie. as close to 7 as possible) too much acid is bad and too much base is bad too. If you could some how get some sort of buffer solution to keep it neutral that would be ideal...... Maybe some Chemical engineer could study this and come up with something.
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