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Where can I find (insert gun model)?
You will not recieve any information on how to aquire guns until you are Age Verified.

Can I order a gun from (insert site here)?
First, verify where the company is based. Anything outside of the confines of Canada is a no go. These include:
Ehobby Asia
Global Airsoft
WGC Shop
Tokyo Model
Speedy Toys
Pyramid Airsoft

The list not no where near exhaustive. Alwys confirm that the company is located inide of Canada and that the stock is in country before buying. Beware of shady retailers that dropship goods from a foreign source.

What about sites like East Coast Airsoft that "guarantee" shipment?
Bull. Fucking. Shit.

There is no such thing as a BFL that allows safe export to Canada. There are no super secret ninja mailing techniques that bypass customs. There are no arrangements made for foreign companies to facilitate the import of prohibited devices.


At best, companies like ECA tell customers uninformed fallacies, at worst, outright lies. They will take your money gladly and leave you with nothing. Avoid them like the plague, despite whatever they promise you.

I heard that green gas is superior to propane.
Green gas is propane with silicon oil pre-mixed. Don't argue this fact, it's well documented. Just get a propane adaptor and a bottle of silicon oil. I use and recommend the AI kit here. It's the original, the best and Canadian made!

(Any question about Walmart airsoft merchandise)
Nothing of use comes from Walmart, airsoft wise.

Do you know if (retailer) has (item, service)
Despite what it might look like, we don't know. Contact them.

What is the best first gun to get?
Not a pistol.
Not a sniper riffle.
Not a gas riffle.

Get an AEG from a quality brand that fits the look you're going for.

How fast should my gun shoot?
Most fields have limits between 350 and 400 fps. Keyword: limit. A properly tuned 300 fps gun will outperform a clone piece of trash shooting 400 every time. Accuracy is you primary concern, not range.

Beware of sites putting too much enphasis on how fast their guns shoot.

Are mesh masks and goggles any good?
Some people like them, but avoid them if you can. They do not offer complete eye protection. Go with a prope pair of ANSI Z.87 rated eye glasses or better.

Is it a good idea to bring airsoft accessories on a plane?
Hell no! Even if they aren't restricted items for importation, expect to be flaged as a person of interest for having these on you.

Can I use pellet guns?
Annoyingly good with numbers

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