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WELL L96 Bolt Action Sniper Rilfe

Alright towards the end of August (2010) I purchased the WELL L96 sniper as a birthday thing off of I had been looking into this particular sniper for a while. I was preparing to buy it when it went out of stock therefore I had to wait. It eventually did come back in stock a couple weeks later, the starting price was approximately $310 for just the sniper, metal bi-bod, and 1 magazine. So I had to purchase the "Pro Sniper Scope" for another $90 totaling it to above $400 after shipping. As excited as I was to receive the sniper, a couple months later, quite recently actually received another shipment of the sniper. The thing that caught my attention was it was now $330. I looked at what came in the box as of the new shipment and for just $330 it now came with the metal bi-bod, "Pro Sniper Scope", and 2 magazines; which is a value of $115 for the scope and extra magazine from when I ordered. So for just another $20 now you can purchase the sniper, bi-bod, scope, and 2 magazines when you buy the sniper. Can someone explain to me what happened in the price fluctuation? Does it have to do with how much they have in stock?
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