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I was the same way when I got my first gun like, 8 years ago. I researched every different way to get the gun to fire and the cheapest. At the time propane was the devil, noone believed thats all green gas was.

Either way, back on point. Propane all the way. Buy yourself a propane adapter and a few things of silcone oil. Just by the silicone from an online store that states for use in airsoft guns. There are a few different weights of oils. You use the super light stuff for use as air lubrication with propane. Put a few drops in every roughly ten mags or so I believe is the more common ratio.

Too much silicone I believe can lube the hop up too much and makes it much less effective.

Hope this helps.

** Propane is much much cheaper. Canadian Tire sells bottles of Coleman propane in packs of 3 for like 15 bucks**
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