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Originally Posted by FACE View Post
Yeah, but I can understand it if it's T.O. cause of course rent is more expensive.

How big is your facility Brian? Been meaning to come up and check it out sometime.

Small... about 4000 square feet , but we have the advantage of being able to set up any arrangement of structures we like.. it's never the same twice.

My facility is more geared to training than play... though it is quite amazing how much fun can be had in a small space.

We have to keep groups small , 10- 14 people is perfect

Commercial rent costs for warehouse space do not differ substantially in larger urban areas ... though rent is the largest single line item .. overhead is composed of a lot of fixed costs ..

Personally I can't stand playing at indoor paintball venues... the goo is just too much , outdoor venues are bad enough .. but at least weather degrades the goo and washes it away...

Splatters in Toronto.. is simply nasty... I'm not afraid to get dirty.. but the 3 hours of gear maintenance post game is a serious detraction ..
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