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Legality of Airsoft Fields

I've been thinking a lot lately about the idea of converting the old, empty Canadian Tire in town into a sort of 'adventure sports' place. The main feature being an indoor paintball field.

However, I've been noticing an upkick in both people playing and interested in playing airsoft in Whitehorse as of late, and, fundamentally, an airsoft field and a paintball field are the same thing. (Speedball notwithstanding, but speedball is lame as hell anyways. A good moneymaker, but still lame as hell.)

However, I've never actually seen or heard of an airsoft field, as in somewhere where anybody can walk off the street, buy airsoft guns and gear, and go play on a field. Plenty of paintball fields offering airsoft nights and the like, but never a dedicated airsoft field. (Even one that shares real estate with a paintball field.)

This may be because I'm not exactly an involved member of the airsoft community, but I'm wondering if there are any legal issues involved here, due to airsoft's grey-area status in Canadian laws.

Is it just a matter of player base being unable to support dedicated airsoft fields, or is there more? Or are there actually a ton out there that I don't know about-and, if there are, please let me know about them so I can take a look and see how they operate.
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