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Originally Posted by Headsniper View Post
Hey guys wow quite the responses sorry that some of you may feel that the price is too high but we did run airsoft last winter and there were no complaints from the players regarding price.
Who are we to knock you if you get players flocking to your field. You run your business however you want and either no one will go because of too high prices or you'll get players willing to pay to play. It's as simple as that. I'm sure you've stumbled across supply demand curves so simply set a price, see how much demand there is and profit accordingly. We're not trying to play free (although that would be cool) but we understand you have a business to run and need to make a profit too.

Maybe you should post the rules? ie. since it's an indoor field I assume 330 FPS on .20's (1 Joule) will be the velocity limits. What about paintball goggles (full mask or just ASTM goggles?) or mesh or ballistic goggles? What exactly does your insurance stipulate?
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