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Epic events...

Hi everybody!
Not sure, if I asking that in right section of a forum, so if not - sorry and move it where it should be.
I read few postaction reports in events section, and still it is hard to estimate average number of players involved. I can understand, that this can vary greatly because of many reasons, that's why it is always good to know which of them are "must go".
To give you better understanding of my question here is a so-so rule of airsoft events in Russian Federation. First May holidays - "opening of a season" event. Last weekend of September - "end of season" event. Thous two are "must go" ones. to give you ruff idea check 1:45 from a link below:
YouTube - BStorm3_Divx.avi!

I thinking about Border Wars III.... How many players where on last Border Wars?

Sorry for such noobish questions... but I am noob, hope this excuse is good enough.

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