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I've shot bags and bags of their 0.20/0.28/0.30...they worked fine in SAW's, AEG's, GBBR, PTW and GBB. I shot a min of 11000 Madbulls since they came out in the big ziplock bags.

They fed fine (as well or as poorly...I've got some bum mags) as BBBastards for me. No extra lubing/etc. to do.

Their finish is not as good as BBBastard.

I do notice that I get much more consistent shots with BBBastard. They don't make a shitty gun shoot like a laser but in an accurate rifle they help squeeze out the most accuracy/consistency.

I have had 2 occasions where BBBastard BBs jammed the shit out of my was with a FAL carbine with a 6.03 tightbore...litterally switching back to a mag with MB's would work, switch to a mag of BBB and it'd jam. The other was with a SAW...once the BBBs got mixed into the box mag it was game over and gun down for that saw. But it was an odd game and the BBs might have been compromised by water. Could have been just a bad batch....certainly not sufficient to say, "this is shit, never use it".

I shoot BBBastard now (the remainders of MB bags are just used for testing).
1. Because they work, they're reliable, they're consistent
2. Because Scarecrow & Co. are a good progressive force in Canadian airsoft...and I support that.
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